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February 2017 Archives

No clear picture of contested divorce rate for the country

It has become almost an unquestioned part of the national dialogue to state that half of marriages will not last. However, there is no true picture of where the divorce rate is in the country at this particular time. One recent study purportedly claims that the rate is above 52 percent. There might be California residents who may be in the beginning of what may be a contested divorce and may need the input of an experienced family law attorney in order to resolve conflicts.

Man wants state to require parenting class in contested divorce

An estimated half of all marriages end in divorce. Given that figure, it may be impossible to state how many children are affected. Many states are now requiring parents in a contested divorce to take some form of parenting class. There are likely many California parents who were ordered by the courts to enroll in one of these classes.

Adoption agency files for bankruptcy and closes unexpectedly

Couples who are unable to have their own biological children often look for alternative methods for having the family they want. One option is to contract with an adoption agency in order to adopt a child in need of a loving home. It was likely a shock to thousands of hopeful parents when one well-established agency with offices in California closed without warning.

3 things mothers need to know about child custody and support

Child custody cases are often contentious. In some cases, you might discover that you must fight for your rights in child custody and support matters until your child turns 18. As taxing as this might be, it is better for you to go into the situation prepared for what to expect than it is to go in without any information. Consider these three things about modifications if the issue comes up in your case.

Grandparents stepping up when best interests of the child at risk

Going to the grandparent's house for the holidays used to be a treat for many grandchildren. Now, it has become more and more commonplace for the grandchildren to live full-time with their elder relatives. In many cases, it is for the best interests of the child that he or she be cared for by them. There are likely many households in California that are headed by grandparents.

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