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3 things mothers need to know about child custody and support

Child custody cases are often contentious. In some cases, you might discover that you must fight for your rights in child custody and support matters until your child turns 18. As taxing as this might be, it is better for you to go into the situation prepared for what to expect than it is to go in without any information. Consider these three things about modifications if the issue comes up in your case.

Either parent can request a modification

You or your ex can file a modification petition for child custody, child support or both. This doesn't mean that you can request a modification for each small change that occurs. Instead, there must be a valid reason you need the modification.

In some cases, these orders need modification every two to three years. Before you head to court to file a petition, find out if your case meets the requirements for modification. This can save you time, effort and money. Since your child's father can file a modification petition, always keep the possibility in mind.

Reasons for modifications vary greatly

Modifications are possible after significant changes in your circumstances. In the case of child support, a modification might be in order after a job loss or promotion. Finding out that your child has a complex medical issue that requires significant out-of-pocket costs for care might necessitate a modification petition. Moving out of the area, especially out of state, or finding out about changes to your child's schedule can also lead to a modification of the current orders. Any modifications you ask for must be in the best interests of the child, so carefully consider the reasoning behind the petition.

Mediation is possible for modifications

Going through mediation for a modification might help you to get the situation resolved faster. If you and your ex can work together, this option can help you to remain in control of what is included in the modified order.

Before you go into the first session, think about what solutions you have for the problems that must be addressed. This gives you a starting point for your position. Keep an open mind about the suggestions your ex-husband presents. Ultimately, the goal is getting the matter resolved quickly and in a manner that lets your child continue to enjoy the stability he or she has now.

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