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Grandparents stepping up when best interests of the child at risk

Going to the grandparent's house for the holidays used to be a treat for many grandchildren. Now, it has become more and more commonplace for the grandchildren to live full-time with their elder relatives. In many cases, it is for the best interests of the child that he or she be cared for by them. There are likely many households in California that are headed by grandparents.

Grandparents in one state have recently asked for help from their state representatives. At least one lawmaker has listened and has put forth a bill that may bring some relief for the grandparents caught up in the opioid crisis. The parents of these grandchildren are struggling with addictions, and the children have been the victims in need of a stable home. Unfortunately, even when these grandparents have gone through the process of obtain guardianship of these minors, the parents can still regain custody without input from these same grandparents.

The bill that has been introduced would enable these older guardians to present their views to a judge. One grandfather spoke about the need for services for these families, especially in light of the fact that many of these children suffer from emotional and mental health problems as a result of their parents' addiction. Some of the issues that these young people have struggled with include depression and anxiety along with other mental and emotional health concerns.

Along with the new bill that has been introduced, another measure is also under consideration. This one would help form a committee that would seek to understand the needs of these types of households. Although this current scenario is happening in another state, the opioid addiction problem is not limited to one geographical area, and it is likely that there are families here in California who are going through their own crisis situation. When it is a question of ensuring that the best interests of the child are being met, then grandparents or other concerned family members can consult with a family law attorney to assess their rights to custody or other legal remedies for the well-being of all involved.

Source:, ""On Frontline" of Opioid Epidemic, Grandparents Need Lawmakers' Help", Mike Clifford, Jan. 30, 2017

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