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No clear picture of contested divorce rate for the country

It has become almost an unquestioned part of the national dialogue to state that half of marriages will not last. However, there is no true picture of where the divorce rate is in the country at this particular time. One recent study purportedly claims that the rate is above 52 percent. There might be California residents who may be in the beginning of what may be a contested divorce and may need the input of an experienced family law attorney in order to resolve conflicts.

There are many variables that can skew the figures either up or down depending on the criteria used to calculate the actual numbers. There does seem to be a trend that shows the younger generation is not divorcing in as great a numbers. Conversely, the divorce rate has greatly increased in the older generations. There are varying opinions as to the reasons for these statistics, including the fact that there is no nation-wide count, and some states no longer keep these records updated.

One possible reason the rate is up for older couples may be due to the idea that marriage was the accepted signal that one had finally reached adulthood. The consensus that maturity is reportedly measured in other ways may explain why people do not feel the need to rush into a legally defined relationship. The decision to marry may now be classified as a freely chosen option rather than an expectation.

Even if the divorce rate has appeared to decline, that does not necessarily indicate that marriages as a whole have improved in quality. The Centers for Diseases control indicated that approximately 33 percent of women and 25 percent of men will experience some type of relationship violence in their lifetime. California families who are considering ending a marriage or are in the midst of a contested divorce have knowledgeable resources to turn to for advice and information that can assist them as they prepare for a new direction in life.

Source:, "Is It Good For the Divorce Rate to Go Down?", Drake Baer, Feb. 17, 2017

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