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March 2017 Archives

One state seeks to change how child support is ordered

Being a parent means taking on the responsibility for another person at least until that child reaches the age of majority. While the job of being a parent is never really over, child support does not last forever, though it may seem that way at times. As families in California know, it is not always easy to stay current on support payments.

1 state moves to improve adoption process to help children

When a couple decides that it is time to try and start a family, the majority of them likely assume that they will have biological children. However, for a variety of different reasons, many families will choose to bring children into their family through adoption. California, like every other state, has its own laws regulating how the process works.

Bidens request that contested divorce be settled amicably

When public figures undergo marital transitions in their private lives, the public almost seems to expect that the parties will be openly hostile towards one another. While that may be true in many cases, there are times when a previously contested divorce can be resolved more peaceably than anticipated. California couples are entitled to seek the best advice when they are in the midst of their own contentious dissolution.

Growing trend of on-line adoption scams

For families who are seeking to adopt a child, if something seems too good to be true, it might be. Authorities claim that there is a growing rate of adoption scams that are occurring online. California families who are hoping to bring a child into their homes do have safer avenues to try.

Fathers upset over child support orders for children not theirs

For the most part, when a man becomes a father, it is through biological means or legal adoption. In these cases, when a divorce or other relationship breakdown occurs, the non-custodial parent is ordered by the family courts to pay child support. In California, it is rare that there is a mistake in these orders, however, there are situations where the courts issue these orders without proof that a man who is ordered to pay these monies is the legal father.

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