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One state seeks to change how child support is ordered

Being a parent means taking on the responsibility for another person at least until that child reaches the age of majority. While the job of being a parent is never really over, child support does not last forever, though it may seem that way at times. As families in California know, it is not always easy to stay current on support payments.

As most parents are aware, it has traditionally been the responsibility of the parent who does not have primary custody to make child support payments to help provide for the child's needs. However, one state is taking steps to revamp the system in order to find a more equitable solution as opposed to the current laws. The purpose of the new law is to help judges examine the current finances of both parents in order to find ways to even things out between parental duties and monetary support.

If a couple is freed from the constant battle over support payments, then it is hoped that the relationship that each parent has with the child will improve. Additionally, if one parent is less well off financially, then it may be possible that the parent will be able to take on more of the care of the child in exchange for lower support payments. Judges will continue to have the final say in setting child support payments, but the new law may allow them to take a broader view than previously.

It is true that not every case can be handled in this manner as not every parent desires to invest more time regardless of a possibility of reduced financial obligations. While this law is not being adopted in California at this time, judges everywhere seem to be reconsidering many aspects of how custody and support are determined. Parents who are struggling to resolve on-going conflicts in matters related to child support or custody are entitled to seek the guidance of a family law attorney who can help resolve these emotionally charged issues as objectively as possible.

Source:, "Child support changes seek fairness", Tony Reid, March 29, 2017

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