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June 2017 Archives

Child support and custody issues can be volatile

When a relationship ends, couples may be able to arrive at a peaceable resolution in many aspects except one. Issues surrounding child support and custody will often lead to rising tensions which can sometimes escalate to volatile levels. There are likely countless California families who have had to wade through this difficult situation.

Family has opened home and hearts to several through adoption

Families can be defined in many ways, but the most common element is love for one another. Some parents do not limit their families only through the birth of their biological children and will open their homes and hearts through adoption. Thousands of families in California have been created through this labor of love.

Fathers are much more than a child support check

Historically, when a two-parent family became a one-parent household, the courts often had a set approach when determining the roles of the parents. Traditionally, custody was awarded to the mother, though that's not necessarily the case any longer. Courts in California and elsewhere now recognize that a father's role is much more than providing a child support

It is vital to you to settle complex property division equitably

California is a community property state. However, there are certain circumstances that may make it more challenging to reach a truly equitable settlement solution during your divorce. A complex property division may include multiple sources of income and a variety of assets that require careful management.

State may offer notice to some grandparents of upcoming adoption

During the course of one's life, the only thing that is constant is change. One state is now taking steps to provide notice of one life change to grandparents concerning the possible adoption of a grandchild. Every state, including California, has its own laws regarding whether other parties require notice in the event a grandchild will be adopted.

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