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What you can expect when you meet with your divorce lawyer

Next week, you have to do something you have been dreading. You have to meet with your divorce lawyer for the first time. You know that once you step into that office, your impending divorce will officially become a reality. You also know that divorce is the only option for you and your husband after the last couple of years.

Hiring a divorce lawyer can be a scary process, one that you hope you never have to repeat. Since this will more than likely be your first time speaking with an attorney, you are probably a bit nervous. Knowing what will happen when you walk into the office will help you have a productive meeting. Read further for what to expect during your first meeting with a divorce attorney.

They have heard it all

You will have to disclose some very private and personal details about your life when you speak with your divorce attorney. Do not be embarrassed or nervous. Chances are good that there is nothing you will tell your lawyer that he or she has not heard before. Keep in mind that your attorney must keep your conversations confidential and will not share the details of your situation with anyone else. In additional, you are in a safe and judgment-free place.

Your attorney will provide focus

A divorce settlement heavily in your favor may seem like the best path on the road to revenge. However, keep in mind that a judge will have to approve your settlement, which means it must be fair to both of you. Your attorney will help you focus on getting a settlement that is fair.

Advice on the kids

During that meeting, it is more than likely that you will discuss possible custody and visitation scenarios as well as what you might expect in the form of child support in California. Your attorney will not only help you with these issues but also may provide advice on how to keep your children away from the process.

You and your husband are divorcing, the kids are still attached to both of you and will be for the rest of their lives. The last thing you want is to create an environment where they feel pressured to take sides.

Ask questions

Regardless of whether you think a question is silly or inane, ask it. Your attorney is there to answer all of your questions so that you can feel confident moving forward with the process. In addition, your lawyer will want to you have a full understanding of how the divorce will work and what you can expect.

If you are considering divorce, it is important to not only choose the right attorney, but to prepare for that first meeting. Knowing what to expect will help you handle any feelings of nervousness or insecurity when you meet your lawyer.

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