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September 2017 Archives

Grandparents caring for children may need child support help

According to a 2015 census, an estimated 430,000 children were taken from their homes due to parental substance abuse issues. Statistics show that nearly 11 percent of children live in a home headed by grandparents or extended family. There are countless California grandparents who find themselves raising their grandchildren with limited means who may be in need or resources -- including child support.

Some teens may require more support when dealing with adoption

As every seasoned parent knows, the adolescent years can be more challenging than even the toddler years. Moreover, when adoption is added into this volatile mix, parents may wonder how best to help their adopted child through this time. It may be beneficial to know that this is a common experience, and there are measures that can help. California families have many avenues to seek help for questions concerning adoption and for dealing with the situations that arise.

California contested divorce may require experienced assistance

Just as a marriage takes much time and effort, the end of one may take just as much energy in some circumstances. While California is a community property state, a spouse who is anticipating or going through a contested divorce may benefit from as much information as possible. There are steps that a resident can take on his or her own to get the process started, but these cases are often difficult and tedious.

While vital, child support may take back seat to shared custody

Ever since divorce became an option for unhappy parents, the courts seem to have lagged behind in one important aspect. While many parents may consider child support to be the biggest concern when it comes to parenting decisions, changing how the family courts determine custody has been taking priority. While California has yet to update its policy on shared custody, many states are leaning that way.

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