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Some teens may require more support when dealing with adoption

As every seasoned parent knows, the adolescent years can be more challenging than even the toddler years. Moreover, when adoption is added into this volatile mix, parents may wonder how best to help their adopted child through this time. It may be beneficial to know that this is a common experience, and there are measures that can help. California families have many avenues to seek help for questions concerning adoption and for dealing with the situations that arise.

Parenting is not an easy task under even the most ideal circumstances simply because everyone is a unique individual. What works for one child may not work for another. When a family welcomes a new member through adoption, then along with the regular issues that come with raising a child come the emotions that an adopted child will eventually have to process. When children hit adolescence, they naturally go through a phase of questioning what their place in the world may be.

When adopted children goes through this same time of growth, they may have the added emotional confusion of trying to deal with the feelings of loss of their biological parents. Even when children are adopted in early childhood, they may go through this same difficult period. Parents of adopted teens may be able to provide the added support that these youngsters require by enlisting the assistance of support groups or other professionals.

While the majority of these teenagers will navigate through these emotions successfully, there may be a few who need additional help to find their way through. Bringing a child into a family through adoption may be one of the greatest gifts parents may give -- in spite of any bumps in the road. California families who want to provide a permanent home and family to a child of any age may choose to enlist the assistance of an experienced family law professional who can provide the compassion and knowledge needed to successfully complete the process.

Source:, "The Emotional Impact of Adoption & Adolescence", Accessed on Sept. 17, 2017

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