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A contested divorce can be eased if some mistakes can be avoided

Couples who are going through the beginning phases of a marital dissolution are dealing with many decisions. If theirs is a contested divorce, then the problems are likely compounded by conflicting emotions and increased tension. California spouses who are unsure of how to proceed may fear that they could make mistakes that will have an adverse effect on the final decree.

Contested and high asset divorces can come with many problems. During these highly emotional times, it may be tempting to try to complete the divorce quickly by not seeking all of the assets or benefits that one is entitled to because one feels guilty or wants out of the marriage. Some other actions that may not work out well include attempting to conceal assets or neglecting to take a complete inventory of both assets and liabilities. Doing either could result in one losing credibility with the court or cheating oneself out of assets due him or her.

Two other mistakes that could cost a spouse more in the end are neglecting to consider tax implications when dividing assets or not investing the time to thoroughly investigate all of the holdings that are subject to division. Another error that some may fall victim to is listening to the advice or experiences of others. No two situations are alike and can give one a false expectation of the eventual outcome. Additionally, if one is driven by anger and frustration, then one may seek revenge, which can lead to rash financial decisions.

There are other decisions that can cause a spouse to experience a less than favorable ruling. When one is concerned about matters that will have a lasting impact on life after a contested divorce, it may feel difficult to make the most informed decisions. California spouses who are concerned that they will be overwhelmed and may struggle to ensure that they are well positioned throughout the process may benefit from seeking the advice of an experienced family law professional.

Source:, "Top 10 Mistakes in High Net Worth Divorces", Joey Battah, Accessed on Oct. 21, 2017

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