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March 2018 Archives

Federal Office of Child Support introduces changes to system

Of the almost $33 billion that was collected in support payments in 2016, nearly three-quarters of the amount was paid through pay check withholdings. Recently, the federal Office of Child Support Enforcement announced updates and changes to its system. Social workers and employers in California will be expected to adapt to the system updates within the year.

Families grow in many ways, including through adoption

There are many ways to describe what goes into the making of a family. The most important ingredient in any home, regardless of how the family came into being, is love. One of the greatest ways to show that love to a child is through adoption. There are countless children in California waiting for someone to teach them what love and family are about.

There is a set framework when seeking a contested divorce

The majority of California residents are aware that it is a community property state when it comes to ending their marriages. However, that does not make the process easier when the spouses are caught up in a contested divorce proceeding. This type of divorce often results in protracted battle that may seem to last interminably.

In many divorces, pets are more than a property division aspect

In today's society, many couples have foregone having children and elected to become pet parents instead. However, when a relationship ends in a divorce, the pets are often legally viewed as just another aspect of the property division that needs to be settled. For many California families, their pets are considered children, and deciding on ownership is almost as difficult as child custody decisions.

Changes in tax laws could complicate contested divorce filings

There has been much media attention paid to some of the changes that were recently made to the tax codes in the country. While part of the focus was on how alimony payments may be affected by the new laws, there has been little reporting on how other changes could lead to a rise in contested divorce filings. Now, some financial professionals claim that states such as California may see an increase in the number of filings over the next few years.

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