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Woman celebrates journey of adoption as a single mother

Decades ago, the picture of a so-called perfect family included a mother, father and a child or two. However, in today's society, families take many different forms and come about through a variety of ways -- including adoption. There are countless families in California that have been united through adoption.

Recently, one woman shared her struggles toward motherhood by way of adoption. From the time she was young, she believed she would marry and have children. However, as the years passed and she remained single, she realized that she still desired to be a mother. She contacted several adoption agencies in her state but was often refused due to her single status. One agency claimed that birth mothers preferred married couples otherwise they would likely not consider adoption at all.

Because this woman wanted to raise her adopted child from birth, she did not wish to adopt through the foster care system. After several months of searching, she was referred to an agency that was willing to work with her. Less than a year later, the woman was matched with a birth mother, and she adopted her daughter shortly after the infant was born.

There are still many adoption agencies that will not consider applications from single parents. This policy is slowly changing, but it may take some time before the majority of agencies will look at the fitness of a potential parent and not consider one's marital status first. California residents who are considering adoption may benefit from consulting with a compassionate family law attorney who can provide information and assistance concerning the state's adoption process.

Source:, "Adopting a baby without a wedding ring", Dana Massing, April 22, 2018

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