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Families grow in many ways, including through adoption

There are many ways to describe what goes into the making of a family. The most important ingredient in any home, regardless of how the family came into being, is love. One of the greatest ways to show that love to a child is through adoption. There are countless children in California waiting for someone to teach them what love and family are about.

Woman shares her journey to motherhood through adoption

For those families formed through biological means, it may be difficult to understand the challenges that other families may face. Though adoption is one of the most fulfilling means of forming a family, it is not without its trials -- as many California families have discovered. One mother recently shared her journey to genuine motherhood once they brought their daughter home.

Grandparents rights for visitation, adoption vary

In light of the upswing in the opioid addiction crisis and other factors that could impact the ability of some parents to raise their children, there has been an increase in the number of children who are living with or receiving care from grandparents. In California and elsewhere, many grandparents are seeking either regular visitation rights or the formal adoption of their grandchildren. However, there are many factors that can affect whether a judge will grant such requests.

Before the adoption, there are several choices to make

There are countless children both here in California and around the world who are hoping to have a family and home to call their own. There are also many families who have chosen to enrich their lives by bringing a child into their family through adoption. Before they started the process, they likely had many points to consider.

Open adoption can provide important benefits for families

Many years ago, few states allowed for any type of contact between biological and adoptive families. There has been a change in many of these policies, however, and California is one state that does allow for an open adoption if the parties agree. There can be many benefits on both sides if these connections are allowed to remain.

Some adoption laws were just streamlined in California

There are many reasons why a child may wind up in the foster care system in California. Regardless of the reasons a child may need a new home, the foster parent to adoption laws in California use to be rather onerous and sometimes slowed the process down considerably. Recently, some of those laws were revised with the intention that children could find loving homes in a shorter span of time.

Relatives and others close may seek custody when needed

There are few guarantees in life, and the perfect, ideal family rarely exists. However, when a child is loved and cared for, even those who are not related by blood, but have a close relationship to a child in need, may seek custody. California laws provide for these individuals to seek custody or adoption when certain conditions are met.

Some teens may require more support when dealing with adoption

As every seasoned parent knows, the adolescent years can be more challenging than even the toddler years. Moreover, when adoption is added into this volatile mix, parents may wonder how best to help their adopted child through this time. It may be beneficial to know that this is a common experience, and there are measures that can help. California families have many avenues to seek help for questions concerning adoption and for dealing with the situations that arise.

Grandmother shares challenges and joys of adoption

There are many ways that a family can be formed. While the majority of California families are likely comprised of parents and their biological children, there are many families who have formed their families by way of adoption. One grandmother has written a book for children that tells the story of one child's adoption.

Athlete provides inspiration to youth awaiting adoption

No matter one's background or social status, almost every young person has looked up to and admired those who excel in sports or the entertainment fields. Even those children who are waiting for a family of their own through adoption are not without the need for a role model. There are likely numerous children in California who are looking for both role models and a family to call their own.

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