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Kathryn Dennis seeking child support and full custody of her kids

Many reality TV fans in California enjoy Southern Charm, a show that stars Kathryn Dennis, among others. Dennis is a mother of two girls and made news headlines in 2016 when she failed a drug test and lost custody of her children. Since then, she's been paying $100 per month in child support while the girls live with their father.  

Will child support be an issue in Geena Davis divorce?

California fans of Hollywood actress, Geena Davis may have recently read that her current husband of 17 years has filed for divorce. Davis is definitely not the only movie star who is headed for divorce court for her fourth time. In fact, such situations are not isolated to public entertainers as many private residents can attest. In repeat divorces, issues such as child support, alimony and custody are often matters of concern.  If parents can't agree regarding settlement terms, they sometimes need the court's intervention.

One state offers new option for paying child support

Studies have shown that children do best when both parents are actively involved in providing both emotional and financial support. Parents who are under court orders to provide child support payments often have a strong desire to do so but lack the means or have other obstacles in their way. California parents who are experiencing difficulties in meeting these obligations do have avenues to seek relief.

State agency recognized for work in obtaining child support

Depending on one's point of view, agencies that are tasked with collecting funds for families can be either revered or despised. The fact remains, though, that without the effort that these agencies expend, there would be many California families who would be unable to obtain court-ordered child support. Recently, one county's work in this field was honored with the Excellence Award.

Court denies sperm donors have child support or custody rights

The U.S. Supreme Court ruling in 2015 granting marriage equality for gay and lesbian couples did not automatically solve every family law matter. One Supreme Court in another state recently affirmed the parental rights of same-sex couples much as California did in 2005. This case addressed whether an anonymous sperm donor has any rights or obligations to offspring, including child support or custody.

Federal Office of Child Support introduces changes to system

Of the almost $33 billion that was collected in support payments in 2016, nearly three-quarters of the amount was paid through pay check withholdings. Recently, the federal Office of Child Support Enforcement announced updates and changes to its system. Social workers and employers in California will be expected to adapt to the system updates within the year.

State passes new law concerning child support and jailed parents

In many states throughout the country -- including here in California, parents often struggle to meet their financial obligations for their children. If a non-custodial parent is incarcerated, they may find it impossible to ever catch up on their child support obligations. One state recently revised its laws concerning these parents, and the decision may have been questioned by many custodial parents.

Child support and custody issues in same-sex divorces

One Supreme Court in another state is tasked with deciding whether a former spouse from a same-sex marriage has parental rights. The case is not being heard in California, but the decision could possibly impact similar cases that may be filed here. The woman in the center of this case has been paying child support for two children and is seeking to be considered a parent of at least one.

Man ordered to pay thousands in back child support

Having a child is one of the greatest responsibilities that a couple will ever have to face. When a relationship between parents fails, the child still requires and needs emotional, physical and monetary support. However, while determining who will pay child support can be difficult, California residents have options for seeking assistance in making these important decisions.

State with massive child support arrears looks to reform laws

There are few issues that provoke stronger emotions between separated parents than deciding who will be the primary caregiver and who will pay support. In spite of a growing trend for courts to order shared parenting and expenses, many states still rely on outdated formulas for calculating child support payments and primary custody. California parents who are having difficulty in either paying support or receiving it can seek assistance through the family court system.

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