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Child Custody Archives

State passes new law concerning child support and jailed parents

In many states throughout the country -- including here in California, parents often struggle to meet their financial obligations for their children. If a non-custodial parent is incarcerated, they may find it impossible to ever catch up on their child support obligations. One state recently revised its laws concerning these parents, and the decision may have been questioned by many custodial parents.

Child support and custody issues in same-sex divorces

One Supreme Court in another state is tasked with deciding whether a former spouse from a same-sex marriage has parental rights. The case is not being heard in California, but the decision could possibly impact similar cases that may be filed here. The woman in the center of this case has been paying child support for two children and is seeking to be considered a parent of at least one.

Man ordered to pay thousands in back child support

Having a child is one of the greatest responsibilities that a couple will ever have to face. When a relationship between parents fails, the child still requires and needs emotional, physical and monetary support. However, while determining who will pay child support can be difficult, California residents have options for seeking assistance in making these important decisions.

State with massive child support arrears looks to reform laws

There are few issues that provoke stronger emotions between separated parents than deciding who will be the primary caregiver and who will pay support. In spite of a growing trend for courts to order shared parenting and expenses, many states still rely on outdated formulas for calculating child support payments and primary custody. California parents who are having difficulty in either paying support or receiving it can seek assistance through the family court system.

Grandparents caring for children may need child support help

According to a 2015 census, an estimated 430,000 children were taken from their homes due to parental substance abuse issues. Statistics show that nearly 11 percent of children live in a home headed by grandparents or extended family. There are countless California grandparents who find themselves raising their grandchildren with limited means who may be in need or resources -- including child support.

While vital, child support may take back seat to shared custody

Ever since divorce became an option for unhappy parents, the courts seem to have lagged behind in one important aspect. While many parents may consider child support to be the biggest concern when it comes to parenting decisions, changing how the family courts determine custody has been taking priority. While California has yet to update its policy on shared custody, many states are leaning that way.

Program offers assistance to parents behind in child support

The vast majority of parents will do anything to ensure that their children have all that they need to be successful in life. However, there are times when a non-custodial parent struggles to keep up with their obligations, such as child support. While many states, including California, try to work with these parents to avoid harsh penalties, some parents will still find themselves serving time for their arrears.

Many factors go into child support and custody decisions

Deciding to divorce your spouse is only one part of the equation. If there are children involved, then the matter of child support and custody can quickly become confusing and overwhelming. California families do have options to turn to when you are concerned that you and your former spouse are unable to arrive at the best decisions.

Child support and custody issues can be volatile

When a relationship ends, couples may be able to arrive at a peaceable resolution in many aspects except one. Issues surrounding child support and custody will often lead to rising tensions which can sometimes escalate to volatile levels. There are likely countless California families who have had to wade through this difficult situation.

Fathers are much more than a child support check

Historically, when a two-parent family became a one-parent household, the courts often had a set approach when determining the roles of the parents. Traditionally, custody was awarded to the mother, though that's not necessarily the case any longer. Courts in California and elsewhere now recognize that a father's role is much more than providing a child support

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