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Top 3 tips for dealing with divorce after 50

Going through a divorce at any age can be a major disruption to your life -- doing it after 50 can feel like the end of the world. You've built up assets and a common history, all of which are likely to be irreparably fractured. Here are three tips to help you to cope with a "Gray Divorce."

VIDEO: Experienced family law assistance without breaking the bank

One of the main things that sets the Law Offices of Victoria Linder apart from other family law firms is that we offer limited scope representation in family law cases. What that means is if you need help with one particular issue, we can help you on a limited-scope basis for a lower fee and retainer.

Divorce experts recommend that tax returns be filed separately

Divorcing spouses in California and around the country might take heed of a financial writer's advice that disentangling themselves from tax compliance with their former partner is often a good idea. Although couples are expected to separate property in a marital dissolution, in many situations, it is assumed that they will file one final joint tax return for the final year of their marriage. However, some advisers recommend filing one's own tax trail separately once a divorce is done.

Men more likely than ever to receive alimony

Divorce attorneys in California and other parts of the country are witnessing a rise in the number of men seeking and obtaining alimony. While specific numbers are hard to come by, a recent survey of matrimonial lawyers found a noticeable increase in the number of women now paying spousal support. With more women earning high salaries while their husbands stay home, the change is understandable, according to divorce attorneys.

Rupert Murdoch and Wendi Murdoch Deng announce divorce settlement

Couples seeking divorce in California might be interested in the high profile separation of Rupert Murdoch and his third wife. After 14 years of matrimony, the couple stood outside a Manhattan courtroom on Nov. 20 and announced a divorce settlement; the conditions of which were kept confidential.

Murdochs settle divorce out of court

Californians may remember the British wiretapping scandal that hit publishing company News Corp. and that damaged the reputation of its leader, Rupert Murdoch. Now the media mogul and his third wife have settled their divorce, the terms for which have not been disclosed to the public. It is not likely that the proceedings will loosen his control of News Corp. and 21st Century Fox, at which he also sits at the helm.

Pets as a divorce issue

Most pet owners in California and elsewhere consider their animals to be members of their families. Couples who are going through a divorce often find that deciding who will get custody of their dogs and cats can be as difficult an issue as anything else arising during the proceedings.

Divorce has some positive aspects

The termination of a marriage is undoubtedly a stressful and emotional time for most couples in California, but a divorce can bring some benefits. People who are aware of these positive aspects may be able to make a more informed decision to leave an unhappy marriage.

Ordinary couples may benefit from prenuptial agreements

Most California couples don't have high-profile celebrity marriages like the Jenners, but that doesn't mean they can't benefit from a prenuptial agreement. Bruce Jenner and Kris Kardashian Jenner recently announced their separation. The couple reportedly does not have a prenup, which could present big problems when splitting their $125 million in assets should they decide to divorce later.

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