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Prenuptial Agreements Archives

How might a postnup help my marriage?

You have probably heard of a prenuptial agreement. But a less common option, often reserved for those who did not agree to a prenup, is something called a postnup. While it is similar to a prenup, in many cases it is created when divorce is imminent in order to detail what assets are marital property and how they should be divided in the event the marriage does come to an end.

What should we exclude from our prenup?

If you are engaged and planning a wedding, you may be considering the inclusion of a prenuptial agreement in the arrangement. This is a wise decision in many ways. A prenuptial agreement can provide many protections for both parties in a marital union, should the union ever end. This also can serve to confirm that both spouses have love and devotion as primary motivators and have no intention of profiting from the union.

How to say I love you with a prenup

When you are tying the knot, you want it to not be frayed. You also want to avoid your stomach being in knots and your emotions being out of control. But often certain questions take precedence and your friends' or family's fears begin to echo in your mind and you wonder if there is validity. The echo of insecurity can become louder as you get closer to the altar.

The careful art and benefit of a prenup

Sticking with a budget is a lot like sticking with a diet. The rewards can be great but getting there requires perseverance through plateaus, dedication through temptation and sometimes, getting through some awkward conversations. The same could be said for crafting a prenup.

How a postnuptial agreement can surpass counseling

One of the most common trip-ups that marriages struggle with and that ultimately can be the final straw is the topic of finances. While a marriage is built on love, more often than not, it's money that tears it apart. If you didn't have a prenuptial agreement in place prior to  marriage, then you may have the ideal opening now to come in with a postnuptial agreement.

The upside of a prenuptial agreement

Preparing to get married is a joyous, happy time for couples. During this period, the focus is on wedding preparation and celebrations of the union. Nobody wants to contemplate the marriage ending before it even begins. This is why prenuptial agreements can be a very sensitive topic between couples. However, if both people in the relationship fully understand the benefits of having a prenuptial agreement in place, the stigma associated with such an agreement can be easily overcome.

Secure your financial future with a prenuptial agreement

A great number of marriages end in divorce. As unfortunate as that is, it's the truth. Individuals coming into a marriage with children from a previous marriage, business ownership or substantial assets may best prepare for the possibility of divorce by drafting an effective and comprehensive prenuptial agreement.

When is a prenuptial agreement a bad idea?

So many soon-to-be newlyweds kick around the idea of drafting a prenuptial agreement before marriage. What was once considered taboo is now actually considered forward thinking and good planning. Many couples may justify a prenuptial agreement by running down the list of pros and why entering into one is a good idea. However, occasionally a prenuptial agreement is not in a spouse's best interest. By understanding the difference between a good and bad prenuptial agreement, spouses can help protect themselves from an unfair contract.

Success may indicate it's time for a postnup

Many younger couples get married before becoming successful. If you are one of them, marriage may have taken place during or right after college and before finding the perfect career. When just starting out, protecting assets and wealth was probably the last thing on your mind. However, if you are now successful and concerned with how a divorce may impact your financial well-being, it may be time to consider a postnuptial agreement.

Plan for your future with a prenuptial agreement

Prenuptial agreements are no longer considered taboo or foreshadowing of divorce. What they are considered is proper planning and a useful tool for individuals entering into a marriage with assets they want to protect. Although nobody wants to consider divorce as the outcome of their marriage, the fact remains that almost half of all marriages end that way, and staying realistic about how this statistic may impact you in the future will only help you protect your assets in the event it does.

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