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In many divorces, pets are more than a property division aspect

In today's society, many couples have foregone having children and elected to become pet parents instead. However, when a relationship ends in a divorce, the pets are often legally viewed as just another aspect of the property division that needs to be settled. For many California families, their pets are considered children, and deciding on ownership is almost as difficult as child custody decisions.

Three main points when a business is part of property division

When it comes to the dissolution of a marriage, California has specific laws in how the assets are to be divided. If a family business will be part of the property division, there are some main points that need to be taken into consideration. It may be beneficial to learn as much as possible about the company's value with the assistance of experienced professionals.

Prenups can be an invaluable tool during property division

When a couple chooses to enter into a marriage, they are most likely hoping that it will last the rest of their lives. Unfortunately, the odds of a marriage ending in a divorce are still relatively high. If one or the other spouse has worked hard to get a new business up and running, then the prospect of losing considerable assets during the property division portion of a dissolution may be quite discouraging. There are some steps that California residents can take that may make the process less painful -- financially and emotionally.

There are simple ways to protect some assets in property division

For many couples, the happily ever after is simply the ending of a fairy tale and not the true story for their particular circumstances. Once it has been decided that a marriage is no longer sustainable, the next step may be how to go about determining property division. While California is a community property state, there may be some assets that can be protected.

It is possible to survive property division financially intact

The divorce rate among older couples has continued to climb since about the mid 1990's. Though the reasons may vary, the end result may put financial pressure on one or both parties, especially when it comes to property division. Though California is a community property state, there are ways to ensure that one can survive a split in relatively sound financial shape.

A premarital agreement may help avoid property division dispute

While most people are familiar with a prenuptial agreement, some couples may not consider it a necessary part of their wedding plans. Regardless of economic status, a premarital agreement may prove to be an invaluable aid in deciding property division issues should a divorce occur down the line. California residents who are planning to marry may benefit from having one of these documents drawn up before the vows are exchanged.

Never underestimate the value of preparation in property division

There are countless details that need addressing during a divorce. One detail that requires careful consideration is preparing a diligent review of one's financial records before a court makes a ruling on property division and related matters. Though California is a community property state, it is beneficial to take stock of all assets and liabilities at this time.

It is vital to you to settle complex property division equitably

California is a community property state. However, there are certain circumstances that may make it more challenging to reach a truly equitable settlement solution during your divorce. A complex property division may include multiple sources of income and a variety of assets that require careful management.

Wife wants selling of assets to settle complex property division

Most of the time, a divorce can be an unsettling experience for the partners involved. However, there are rare situations that are so complicated that even property division can be more difficult to settle. While California is a community property state, not every state has laws that dictate this aspect as clearly.

California and its community property division laws

When a couple first falls in love and decides to marry, they may have the intention that they will share everything. However, once the relationship has lost its luster, the formerly happy couple may now find themselves fighting over how to go about the property division aspect of their dissolution. California is one of the states that has set laws over how property is handled in the event of a divorce.

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