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Some teens may require more support when dealing with adoption

As every seasoned parent knows, the adolescent years can be more challenging than even the toddler years. Moreover, when adoption is added into this volatile mix, parents may wonder how best to help their adopted child through this time. It may be beneficial to know that this is a common experience, and there are measures that can help. California families have many avenues to seek help for questions concerning adoption and for dealing with the situations that arise.

Parenting is not an easy task under even the most ideal circumstances simply because everyone is a unique individual. What works for one child may not work for another. When a family welcomes a new member through adoption, then along with the regular issues that come with raising a child come the emotions that an adopted child will eventually have to process. When children hit adolescence, they naturally go through a phase of questioning what their place in the world may be.

California contested divorce may require experienced assistance

Just as a marriage takes much time and effort, the end of one may take just as much energy in some circumstances. While California is a community property state, a spouse who is anticipating or going through a contested divorce may benefit from as much information as possible. There are steps that a resident can take on his or her own to get the process started, but these cases are often difficult and tedious.

A divorce is considered to be contested when a spouse files a response to a divorce petition and there is no formal agreement between the couple in regard to important issues. Some of the matters that may provide grounds for discord are child custody and support, property division or how to handle debts. In these matters, a couple can seek information from the family courts as to how to proceed.

While vital, child support may take back seat to shared custody

Ever since divorce became an option for unhappy parents, the courts seem to have lagged behind in one important aspect. While many parents may consider child support to be the biggest concern when it comes to parenting decisions, changing how the family courts determine custody has been taking priority. While California has yet to update its policy on shared custody, many states are leaning that way.

Recently, a researcher set out to determine how children adjust to the relationship between divorced parents. She set certain parameters in order to give her data structure and try to answer the question of how conflict between parents affect the children involved. Interestingly enough, the results tend to point out that the most important factor in how well children adjust is the relationship they have with each parent -- regardless of any conflict between the adults.

Never underestimate the value of preparation in property division

There are countless details that need addressing during a divorce. One detail that requires careful consideration is preparing a diligent review of one's financial records before a court makes a ruling on property division and related matters. Though California is a community property state, it is beneficial to take stock of all assets and liabilities at this time.

During a divorce, it is important for both parties to have a thorough knowledge of the current state of their finances. It may be even more important for women to ensure that they have a complete understanding of the finances during the past several years of the marriage in order to ensure that the court will provide a fair ruling on the division of the assets as well as child support and any possible alimony. Both spouses usually prepare a document listing all assets and current expenses as well as all liabilities that each party is responsible for at the time of the divorce filing. While many woman are active participants in overseeing the financial affairs, there may be some who were not as actively involved.

Grandmother shares challenges and joys of adoption

There are many ways that a family can be formed. While the majority of California families are likely comprised of parents and their biological children, there are many families who have formed their families by way of adoption. One grandmother has written a book for children that tells the story of one child's adoption.

According to this woman, bringing a child into a family in this manner comes with a different set of questions. There is speculation into how the child will assimilate into the family and whether he or she will be able to blend successfully with the existing family dynamics. Because the child is usually adopted sometime after birth and may even be coming from a different culture altogether, there are concerns as to how both the adoptee and any other family members will adjust to one another. In many instances, new family members may wonder how quickly an adopted child will assert his or her personality.

Program offers assistance to parents behind in child support

The vast majority of parents will do anything to ensure that their children have all that they need to be successful in life. However, there are times when a non-custodial parent struggles to keep up with their obligations, such as child support. While many states, including California, try to work with these parents to avoid harsh penalties, some parents will still find themselves serving time for their arrears.

There is one state that has successfully implemented a program that helps these parents meet their support obligations. The program is referred to as parental accountability courts and the fatherhood program. Together, these programs have helped an estimated 4,000 parents avoid having to serve a jail sentence for being behind in support payments. The program aids these parents in finding jobs, obtaining education and reinforcing other skills that can ensure that parents are able to successfully provide the financial resources that their children need.

Grandparents may play important role during a contested divorce

When a couple marries, the decision also tends to unite the extended family. Conversely, when a separation becomes inevitable, grandparents are also affected. As many California families have likely discovered, these fractured relationships can be a source of conflict, especially in a contested divorce

When parents decide to separate under less than amicable terms, children may have difficulty adjusting to their new family dynamics. It is in these situations when grandparents can either be a help or a hindrance. It has been suggested by social workers and other family professionals that grandparents work to maintain their relationships with their grandchildren while also trying to remain as neutral as possible with both parents.

Athlete provides inspiration to youth awaiting adoption

No matter one's background or social status, almost every young person has looked up to and admired those who excel in sports or the entertainment fields. Even those children who are waiting for a family of their own through adoption are not without the need for a role model. There are likely numerous children in California who are looking for both role models and a family to call their own.

One group of athletes who inspire fans are football players. The recent opening of football training camps brought both fans and players together as they prepare for a new season. One popular team invited young people awaiting the opportunity to be adopted to watch the first day of practice. After the training session was over, one player for the New England Patriots approached the group. Kyle Van Noy, who plays in the linebacker position, went over to the group's tent and spent time signing autographs and getting to know the young people.

Custody and child support for non-married parents

In the past, the vast majority of child custody cases were the result of parents seeking a divorce. However, disputes over custody and child support frequently involve unmarried parents who are seeking equitable parenting time with their children. There are likely many California families who are attempting to find a workable plan of their own.

Since families each have their own unique characteristics, each custody agreement must ensure that the needs of the children and the parties involved are met in the best possible manner. When unmarried parents are working to form a custody and support agreement, it may prove easier than when these plans are mixed in with the dissolution of a marriage. When a divorce is not an issue, the parents do not have any other issues to resolve and can focus only on the needs of the child.

What you can expect when you meet with your divorce lawyer

Next week, you have to do something you have been dreading. You have to meet with your divorce lawyer for the first time. You know that once you step into that office, your impending divorce will officially become a reality. You also know that divorce is the only option for you and your husband after the last couple of years.

Hiring a divorce lawyer can be a scary process, one that you hope you never have to repeat. Since this will more than likely be your first time speaking with an attorney, you are probably a bit nervous. Knowing what will happen when you walk into the office will help you have a productive meeting. Read further for what to expect during your first meeting with a divorce attorney.

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